Past workshops

Imagin Cafè

On June 2019, ImaginCafè very kindly invited me to host an illustrated ceramics workshop for a lovely group of people. We used raw white bowls (cereal and salad sized), lots of paint to decorate them, stencils and rubber stamps to play with. It was so much fun, and the pieces came out beautiful!

Espai Brut

In this two-day special workshop, we dived into ceramics basics, the technics, the material, the decoration options. It was a very creative group of amazing women, experimenting with ideas, shapes, and paint (underglazes and slip). I'm very grateful with the always- marvelous-girls of Espai Brut <3 for letting me do this workshop!

Current Workshops

Ceramic for creative adults

Maybe you want to de-stress, or you have a revolutionary idea, or just because you want to, my studio's doors are always open to experimentation while learning the ceramic basics! I offer two-hour weekly classes, all materials included! If you are interested, do not hesitate and contact me.
New group workshops coming soon!